Collecting art is complicated, we get it. The works of established artists are high priced and the ones of emerging artists are riskier to collect.

We went through this struggle too. Isn’t there a missing step that would ease the transition from emerging to established artists? And so we came up with an idea: by guiding an artist’s career we could ensure his growth and increase the value of his works in an organic and steady way.

We created ARTYQUE agency to give a business and curatorial hand to artists we select and believe in, and to make collecting art easier, more rewarding and beneficial in the long term.

Our Services



Our mission is to help highly promising artists to exhibit their art across Europe, gain international recognition and in the process, increase their artistic value.



Put a strategy behind collecting art. With ARTYQUE, go beyond collecting, commissioning and giving patronage, and make a real impact on the future of your collection.



By working together, we can aim higher and reach better results. We are open for collaboration with cultural spaces, foundations and brands across Europe.